Dr Judith Glover presenting and exhibiting at the 2014 IGDN Gender and Design conference “The Great Small” at Hong Kong Polytech. Travelling exhibition 2015/16 to Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin.

Dr Judith Glover speaker at Australian Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ASPOG 2015 41st Annual Scientific Meeting) Conference, Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne on Victorian to Raunch culture: how taboos affect product innovation in sexual health and what are the possibilities for change

Dr Judith Glover and Victoria Cullen facilitators, Sexual Wellbeing and Ageing: Co-design workshop, Design Research Institute’s Festival of Impact, RMIT, 2015.

Dr Judith Glover guest speaker at National Gallery of Victoria 2015 at the Parallels: Journey’s into Contemporary Making Conference discussing sex toy production and her Goldfrau brand.

Dr Judith Glover and Occupational Therapist Elvira McSwain speaking at the Melbourne Sex Ed : Disability and Sexuality Expo 2017 discussing how design and Occupational Therapy can work together in framing and tackling areas of Sex and Disability.

Dr Judith Glover: Chapter in the second Guy Julier Design Culture book, “Design Culture in the Sex Toy Industry: a new phenomenon” to be released by Bloomsbury in 2018.

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