Electro-vibration device for Spinal
Cord Injury (SCI) patients (2016)

DaSHI was approached Dr Kambiz Tajkarimi to redevelop the original Ferticare electro-vibration device for Reflexonic USA. Dr Tajkarimi is an innovative clinical Urologist with a background in developing research and technology to stimulate nerve damage to assist in sexual functioning.

The device enables male patients with Spinal Cord damage to gain an erection and ejaculation to aid in IVF treatment. The research and design team also investigated the use of this electro- vibration technology into a device for post-menopausal women.

Dr Glover collaborated with Australian Industrial Designer Brendan Hutchieson from Play & Co Product Design consultancy in Los Angeles USA. Since leaving Australia 15 years ago Hutchieson has work at the highest level in global product design at companies such as Philips Electronics. Before establishing his own consultancy in LA he was Creative Director on Boeing’s latest 777s in Seattle USA. (

After research and concept development this project was handed over to a Product Design Engineering firm commissioned by the client. The Ferticare 2.0 has now been released onto the market in the United States (2019).


RMIT Researchers: 
Dr. Judith Glover

Research Collaborators and Industry Partners: Brendan Hutchieson (Play & Co Los Angeles USA) and Dr Kambiz Tajkarimi (Reflexonic USA)

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