Sex and Disability: Case Studies

This project has been initiated by Canadian Disability Activist Andrew Gurza.

This project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the fields of Industrial Design, Product Design Engineering and Occupational Therapy.

Canadian Disability Activist and Sexuality Blogger Andrew Gurza approached DaSHI to look at developing a range of sex positive Sex Toys or Assistive Devices for People With Disabilities (PWD). Within this project 2 Case Studies have been approved by RMIT Ethics to proceed. Case Study 1 is a Female participant with Rigid Cerebral Palsy and Case Study 2 is a Male participant with Rigid Cerebral Palsy.

The commonality of both participants is the lack of hand dexterity and control. Both participants would like to be able to self-pleasure in the privacy of their own environments without assistance. This is an issue not just of necessity but dignity. The Design and Engineering team- assisted by the Occupational Therapist is looking at how to develop concepts, products, modifications or assistive technologies either participant can use that the client may be able to take further into product development.

The clients and project team are grateful for the help of one of Australia’s biggest sex toy wholesalers Windsor Wholesale and German Sex Toy company Funfactory for advice and products for this project. Thanks also to the EROS Foundation for support and social media. We all look forward to collaborating further in the Sex and Disability space.

RMIT Researchers: Dr. Judith Glover

RMIT Research Assistants: Elvira McSwain, Margaux Hayes, Lauren Rigby

Research Collaborators Industry Partners: Deliciously Disabled, Eros Foundation, Windsor Wholesale Australia and FunFactory Germany

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